For The Love Of Nature And The Creator

2014-07-20 20.31.46

I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love other stuff, but I long to get back with my Creator in the natural setting of His rivers, lakes, mountains, oceans… you get the picture. This is the place for just that. The pictures.

Through the years, I have gathered a few shots of nature. I know there are many travel blogs and such that have really great images. Why would I think I need to do this thing when they are all out there?

Everyone’s journey is unique. I have seen some good stuff, and I hope to share it with very little commentary. I do plenty of writing. I would like the photos to simply speak for themselves.

If you enjoy, please follow and share with me and my other readers. I’m sure you have a good animal shot or two. Please share. We would love to add it to the zoo. Thanks for reading.



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