Madison Blue Springs

Madison Blue Springs is one of our favorite spots. If you spend any time in the outdoors with me, you will probably see a spring. That is, if we are in Florida.

blue springs

I truly enjoy swimming in crystal clear water that is not salty or filled with stinging things. Yes, you will find an occasional gator, but not likely in the swimming holes.

blue springs nestle plant area

Madison Blue Springs is in North Florida, about an hour from Tallahassee. The water is cool, but the spring run is cooler. There is a blue basin for swimming around and snorkeling. It is about 30 feet deep. The spring flow comes out and runs into the the Withlacochie River (one of the two in Florida that share the name). nestle bottling plant is near Madison Blue springs

Jump in the inner tube and shoot down the 100 ft run almost like shooting the rapids, just a lot more safe. We have seen crawfish, bream, bass, and tiny turtles. At the end of the run, and the mouth of the river, you can hang out and play in the sand. If you go, don’t forget to invite us.  blue springs near nestle


Have you been snorkeling in the fresh waters of Florida Springs? If so, where? What is your favorite? Leave your comments and questions below.


2 thoughts on “Madison Blue Springs

  1. We love Lafayette Blue Springs just outside Mayo. It has similar features of Madison Blue Springs. It runs it the Swanee River and includes a natural bridge which creates a natural tunnel where more adventurous swimmers swim under the bridge. The tunnel is completely under water.


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